Dog Anti Bark Collar Waterproof With Beeps And Vibration Electric Shock Chargeable Anti Bark Collar

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Dog Anti Bark Training Collar Waterproof With Beeps And Vibration Electric Shock Anti Barking No Bark Collar Chargeable

Mportant Safety Information

Not suitable for aggressive dogs Do not attempt to use this product to correct the behavior of dogs that are aggressive to people or other animals. Aggressive dogs may associate the training collar stimulation with other control stimulus and become more aggressive. Aggressive behavior should be corrected by a dog training specialist. If you are not sure whether this product applys to your dog you can consult an veterinarian or certified trainer. The no bark collar must only be used on healthy dogs. If your dog has health problems please take him to the veterinarian first.

Main Features

2019 upgraded dog bark collar with digital display and four buttons – power button, vibration, shock, and sensitivity button. Power button -- Grade 0-7, 7th grade means fully charged Vibration button -- Grade 0-7, 7th grade is the highest vibration and then decreases in turn until the 0th grade which will turn off the vibration mode Shock button -- Grade 0-7, the array of shock grades are the same as the vibration with 7th grade being the highest and the 0th grade is off. Sensitivity button --- Adjustable grades 1-7 is suitable for huge to mini breeds. Press the “S” button for 3 seconds and the collar will flash all the time. Press the “S” button for 3 seconds again and it will turn off. It’s convenient to walk the dog at night. Please note: Usually the digital display will not show when the collar is activated and will show the grade power not the grade of mode. The bark collar fits all dogs from 15-150 LBS. Product weight:58g Rainproof and Rechargeable The perimeter range of the dog collar: 7.4 - 23.5in

Product working principle

This product uses the vibration sensores for sensitivity distinction. When the dog barks it will trigger the sensors thus triggering the product. The collar will beep, then the vibration, and lastly the shock. (depending the setting).

Auto-Protection Mode

If the collar keeps activating for 7 times in one minute it will enter auto-protection mode and the display will flash "E". One minute later the product will re-enter work mode. When in automatic protection mode pressing any button will make the product re-enter work mode

Chargeable collar

Gently press the power button so you can know how much the power is left. 1 hour of charge time gives you 14-20 days of use. When charging the product the digital display will display the power and continue to flash. When the product is fully charged the digital display will display "7". Rechargeable Battery (280mAh) Adapter is not include Adapter Current is less than 1A


Turn on the power Set the sensitivity to grade 5-7 and the shock greater than 0 grade Wear the tester on the conductive silicone prongs behind collar Please speak into the collar and say “wow” (as short as possible) to trigger sensors. Since the frequency of the human voice is different from that of a dogs please test one more time. The collar will beep, then the vibration, and lastly the shock.The device is now ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which part of the dog's body is the receiver placed on?

A: Below the throat.

Q: Why doesn't it work immediately after it arrived?

A: First confirm that the product is powered then and adjust the product sensitivity to grade 7.

Q: Why does the product not work when the dog barks?

A: Please ensure that the product is close to the dog's neck and if necessarily increase the sensitivity .

Q: Can I not use shock mode?

A: Of course. Please turn the grade of shock mode to 0 first. If you have any questions about our bark collar, please contact our customer service immediately.


NOTICE (pls read carefully):

1.The new generation anti bark collar with 4 modes to stop dog barking---only beep sound, beep+vibration, beep+static shock, beep+vibration+static shock. It's a humane collar no harm for your dog.


There are 3 buttons on the collar that represent 3 modes, The first button represents vibration , the middle represents static shock, the "S" represents Sound .And any of the three modes are effective on your dog, but you need to adjust the sensibility and find the best way for your dog. You can read the user manual for further details ,also I have a advice: try to start from a low gear and then you can find the fitable way. If your dog is a small one, you should use NO SHOCK or a lower gear sensibility.


2.The digital screen shows the battery power and the gears of vibration, shock and sensitivity.


3.This bark control collar will enter auto-protetion mode if it keep activates for 7 times in one minute, smart design for your dog.


4.Manual adjustable 7 levels for vibration and static shock. You could choose static shock or no shock to stop your dog barking.


5.When you adjust the vibration gear to 0, the bark collar does not vibrate;
   when you adjust the shock gear to 0, the bark collar does not shock.


6.It's better to choose No Shock for small dog;
   and you could choose Static Shock for stubborn and large dog.

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